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Architect[e], writer, editor & podcaster


House (2013): Study for a non-flat floor dwelling:2013 house


Playground (2012): Project for The Book of Game:2012 playground


Reverse Archeology in Venice (2011): Competition with Biayna Bogosian, Sofia Krimizi, and Kyriakos Kyriakou:2011 venice


House (2010): Project study in Gulf Shores, Alabama:2010 alabama


Vertical Favelas (2009): Counter-proposition to the Evolo Skyscraper Competition:2008 evolo


Dying Architectures (2007): Sketches for a hydrodegradable public architecture:2007 dying architecture


Android Nature (2007): Student project for Central Market at the University of Hong Kong:2007 hku


Concrete Islands (2006): Student project for the ESA Peter Macapia Workshop with Martial Marquet, Antoine Sarrat, and Charles-Edmond Henry:2006 concrete island


Blackout (2006): Student project for the ESA Didier Fiuza Faustino Workshop with Martial Marquet, Florian Bouziges, and Nicolas Polaert:2006 blackout

caRmera Obscura (2005): A camera obscura setup inside a car dring in Paris for the ESA Felice Varini Workshop with Helene Vacheyrout, Maxime Foster, Camille Lacadee, Nicolas Polaert, and Antoine Sarrat:2005 carmera obscura