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Print“Cartography of the New York Commune,” in Displacement 1: Crimescapes, Madrid: X’Scape, 2014.


The following maps have been drawn retrospectively, a long time after the New York Commune had ended. They are based on a series of evidences andtestimonies collected by the author. It start from “the day of the revolt,” when the massive eviction of the occupied World Trade Center by the New York Department of Police lead to the death of a youngster. Following the unprecendented marches that gathered hundreds of thousand people, the mayor as well as the police commissioner fled from the city, leaving its sovereignty to its people.

Other maps illustrate the urban construction of the Commune itself during the three months of its existence. It also shows the spatial tension created in the margins of the Commune with the United States military and the loyalists neighborhoods.

What the maps do not show however, are the bodies of the Communers themselves. Barely visible at night when the small amount of electrical power is rationned, walking during the day in the absence of gas and train, gathering every day in the precarious agoras built here and there in the city, these bodies are the very matter of the Commune. You can refer to Ali Mahkia’s film “The Battle of New York,” as well as the numerous historical photographs to access this vision as a complement to these maps.

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